NewsHealthcare Crisis Deepens in Gaza Amid Ongoing Conflict

Healthcare Crisis Deepens in Gaza Amid Ongoing Conflict


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Palestine’s Health Minister, Mai al-Kaila, has described the healthcare situation in Gaza as “totally catastrophic” amidst persistent aggression from Israeli occupation forces. The conflict, which began on October 7, has seen the number of operational hospitals in Gaza plummet from 36 to just nine partially operational facilities.

The dire state of hospitals in southern Gaza has been highlighted by al-Kaila, who expressed concern over acute shortages of medical supplies, medicines, and electricity. The healthcare system is grappling with overwhelming challenges, exacerbating an already fragile medical infrastructure.

The crisis is compounded by insufficient medical aid reaching the region, primarily consisting of emergency supplies. Al-Kaila emphasized that this aid falls short of meeting the pressing needs of patients with chronic health conditions requiring specialized medicines.

Beyond material shortages, the healthcare system is further strained by the loss of doctors and specialists due to Israeli bombardment. This depletion of crucial medical professionals has diminished the capacity to provide essential care to the growing number of patients in need.

Since the onset of the conflict, Israeli occupation forces have reportedly killed around 22,000 Palestinians and injured hundreds of thousands more. Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) spokesman Daniel Hagari has indicated that the war on Gaza is expected to continue throughout 2024. Troop deployments are being adjusted to prepare for prolonged fighting, with some reservists set to be withdrawn for regrouping. The IOF anticipates additional missions and ongoing devastation throughout the year. The protracted conflict is exacerbating an already dire healthcare situation in Gaza, prompting urgent calls for international attention and assistance.

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