NewsAthletech Rings Nasdaq Opening Bell, Marking New Era for Fitness & Wellness

Athletech Rings Nasdaq Opening Bell, Marking New Era for Fitness & Wellness


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Athletech News celebrated a significant moment for the fitness and wellness industry by ringing the opening bell at the Nasdaq on January 4, 2024. The event was attended by executives and influencers from prominent brands and organizations, including Crunch, Equinox, Hydrow, Zumba, IHRSA, Xponential, Les Mills, Pvolve, NYSC, Restore Hyper Wellness, Tracy Anderson, Exos, Mindbody, InsideTracker, FlexIt, and NASM, among others.

The Nasdaq MarketSite in Times Square hosted the landmark event, symbolizing the recognition of the fitness and wellness sector’s importance and influence. Athletech News, as a platform, aims to provide insights and shape agendas for fitness and wellness executives in an ever-evolving and fast-paced industry.

Kristina Ayanian, Nasdaq listing host, highlighted Athletech News’ role in informing leaders with proprietary content and analysis crucial for making informed business decisions. The global wellness market, estimated at over $1.5 trillion in 2021, lacked a centralized repository of fitness and wellness-related content focused on executives and industry trends before the establishment of Athletech News.

Edward Hertzman, founder and CEO of Athletech News, delivered an inspiring speech before ringing the opening bell. He emphasized the need for the fitness and wellness industry to have a substantial presence in realms like Wall Street, the Hill, and mainstream media. Hertzman positioned Athletech News as more than a news outlet, describing it as a platform delivering cutting-edge insights, trends, and stories to propel the fitness and wellness industry forward.

Over 100 leaders from the fitness and wellness industry joined Athletech News in ringing the bell at Nasdaq, followed by a special networking breakfast that further fostered collaboration and camaraderie within the industry. The event served as a testament to the industry’s collective commitment to recognition and growth.

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