NewsCommittee to Assess Worsening Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

Committee to Assess Worsening Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza


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In November 2023, the Committee received evidence from organizations such as UNRWA, Medical Aid for Palestinians, the Norwegian Refugee Council, and Human Rights Watch, revealing a dire humanitarian situation in Gaza. The concerns included high civilian casualties, widespread destruction of infrastructure, and escalating internal displacement.

The evidence session, scheduled for Tuesday, January 9, at 14:30 in the Grimond Room, focused on the deteriorating humanitarian conditions in Gaza. Reports highlighted besieged hospitals, doctors struggling to treat patients, dwindling medical supplies, and the onset of potentially devastating diseases. The current situation is increasingly labeled as catastrophic, with growing fears of widespread famine.

During the session, the Committee will seek an urgent update on the current humanitarian and health crisis in Gaza. The focus will be on understanding how the healthcare situation has evolved in the past six weeks and learning about the response efforts on the ground.

Scheduled to provide insights on Tuesday, January 9, at 2:30 pm.

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