NewsGE HealthCare Expands Precision Care Portfolio

GE HealthCare Expands Precision Care Portfolio


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January 8, 2024 — GE HealthCare has recently announced a strategic move to acquire MIM Software, a global leader in medical imaging analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions across various medical disciplines. The acquisition is set to bolster GE HealthCare’s capabilities in innovative imaging technologies, particularly in radiation oncology, molecular radiotherapy, diagnostic imaging, and urology.

MIM Software’s expertise lies in providing advanced imaging solutions with features such as the integration of diagnostic images from multiple modalities, automation to reduce repetitive tasks, quantitation and advanced processing in diagnostic imaging, and a platform for theranostics imaging and dosimetry. The acquisition aims to integrate MIM Software’s offerings into GE HealthCare’s advanced visualization solutions, enhancing AI-based segmentation, contouring, and dosimetry analysis for patients undergoing treatment in radiology, molecular imaging, and radiation oncology.

Peter Arduini, President & CEO of GE HealthCare, expressed the company’s commitment to providing comprehensive, connected devices and digital solutions to improve patient care across multiple specialties. He anticipates that the acquisition will strengthen GE HealthCare’s position as a leading provider of integrated imaging systems, analytics, and advanced digital workflows in areas such as theranostics, radiation oncology, urology, neurology, and cardiology.

The acquisition aligns with GE HealthCare’s broader mission to make hospitals more efficient, clinicians more effective, therapies more precise, and patients healthier and happier amid the ongoing digital transformation in healthcare.

Andrew Nelson, CEO of MIM Software, expressed enthusiasm about joining GE HealthCare, highlighting the shared commitment to innovation and enhancing patient care. He anticipates developing new, integrated digital solutions to address complex healthcare needs in collaboration with GE HealthCare.

GE HealthCare envisions that the integration of MIM Software’s cutting-edge imaging analytics and AI-driven solutions will usher in a new era in medical technology. Taha Kass-Hout, MD, MS, Chief Technology Officer of GE HealthCare, emphasized the intended merger’s potential to revolutionize disease detection, treatment, and management through precision care. The acquisition is seen as a significant step towards a future where healthcare is more precise, connected, and efficient, benefiting providers and patients worldwide.

With the acquisition of MIM Software, GE HealthCare is strategically positioning itself to support precision care across various disease states and imaging practices, including theranostics in oncology, streamlined workflow solutions in radiation oncology, beta amyloid imaging in neurology, and myocardial perfusion for diagnosing coronary artery disease. The move reflects GE HealthCare’s dedication to developing smart, AI-powered devices that cater to specific disease states, contributing to a more personalized and efficient healthcare landscape.

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