NewsExpert Perspectives Explored in Peer-Reviewed Journal Roundtable

Expert Perspectives Explored in Peer-Reviewed Journal Roundtable


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In a recent roundtable discussion featured in the peer-reviewed journal Health Equity, two expert panels delved into critical aspects of achieving health equity. The roundtable, titled “A Glimpse at How Stakeholders Are Working Towards Achieving Health Equity,” provided valuable insights into efforts focusing on maternal health equity and outlined essential changes health systems can implement to operationalize broader health equity.

The first panel, guided by Laurie Zephyrin, MD, MPH, MBA, Senior Vice President, Advancing Health Equity at The Commonwealth Fund, centered on “Efforts to Achieve Maternal Health Equity Today.” The discussion scrutinized the actions health systems can take to enhance maternal health outcomes, shedding light on existing opportunities for policy development and modification aimed at advancing maternal healthcare.

The second panel, moderated by Morenike Ayo-Vaughan, Program Officer, Advancing Health Equity at The Commonwealth Fund, focused on “Changes Health Systems Can Make to Operationalize Health Equity.” This discussion explored strategies employed to ensure accurate collection of race, ethnicity, and language data by healthcare stakeholders. Additionally, the panel examined the measures health systems and providers are adopting to assess their progress in achieving health equity.

The in-depth conversations within these expert panels contribute significantly to the ongoing dialogue surrounding health equity. By addressing maternal health and operationalizing health equity within healthcare systems, the roundtable aims to foster a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities in creating a more inclusive and equitable healthcare landscape.

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