NewsNovarad Transforms Healthcare Workflow with Innovative Mobile Technology

Novarad Transforms Healthcare Workflow with Innovative Mobile Technology


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Novarad Corporation has unveiled its latest medical enterprise technology, MobileRad 360, a groundbreaking software suite poised to revolutionize the daily operations of healthcare professionals. Dr. Wendell Gibby, CEO of Novarad, emphasizes the company’s commitment to adaptability and providing efficient solutions for medical professionals.

MobileRad 360 facilitates secure and legal completion of tasks through personal smartphones, supporting both IOS and Android platforms. This comprehensive software suite enables enterprise-wide communication, immediate access to stat results, viewing and sharing of DICOM patient images, report signing, worklist visibility, capturing and sharing of non-DICOM images, and more – all from the convenience of healthcare providers’ personal mobile devices.

In an industry where security and compliance concerns have historically restricted the use of smartphones by healthcare staff, MobileRad 360 addresses these challenges. Standard communication methods such as email and texting are often unsuitable due to security risks. Encrypted apps like WhatsApp may compromise patient data security. MobileRad 360 overcomes these limitations by capturing, encrypting, and storing images and information directly on the hospital’s enterprise imaging system.

The software’s capabilities extend beyond secure texting, showcasing its significance in enhancing patient care, particularly in imaging scenarios. For instance, EMTs on-site can instantly capture and securely communicate images of a patient’s injuries without compromising security protocols, ensuring timely and efficient preparation for emergency care.

Furthermore, MobileRad 360 emphasizes the importance of documentation and auditing in healthcare communication. The software automates the documentation of text messages, photos, documents, etc., storing them securely on the hospital server. Critical information, such as stat X-ray reports with images, can be automatically sent to referring physicians via a secure link, facilitating efficient auditing by hospital administrators.

The platform integrates two-factor authentication for compliance with insurance requirements and incorporates Novarad’s award-winning Cryptochart technology. This technology ensures secure sharing of images and reports through a secure hash or optical code, easily accessible via a cell phone or barcode scanner.

David GrandPre, Senior Director of Product at Novarad, highlights that MobileRad 360 is a result of the continued evolution of Novarad’s mobile platform, which began nearly two decades ago with the industry’s first Novarad HTML5 Universal Web Viewer. This latest mobile software underscores Novarad’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that redefine medical imaging and diagnostics. The introduction of MobileRad 360 positions doctors globally to efficiently manage tasks from their smartphones, regardless of their location, ushering in a future where healthcare seamlessly integrates with mobile technology.

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