NewsResearchers Awarded Wellcome Career Development Grants for Health Research

Researchers Awarded Wellcome Career Development Grants for Health Research


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In a momentous achievement, the University of Cape Town (UCT) proudly announces Dr. Melissa Nel and Associate Professor Esmita Charani as the recipients of this year’s esteemed Wellcome Career Development award. The recognition marks the initiation of groundbreaking research endeavors poised to significantly enhance health outcomes in Africa.

The Wellcome Career Development award, supporting mid-career researchers across disciplines, aims to empower individuals to catalyze substantial changes in knowledge, with the potential to elevate human life, health, and overall well-being.

Drs. Nel and Charani’s research focuses primarily on the African context, with Charani extending her attention to India, particularly in marginalized communities. The significance of their scientific contributions is underscored by the existing research gap in their specific areas of interest.

Dr. Melissa Nel, a trained doctor and Neurogenetics and Neuromuscular Disorders researcher at UCT’s Neuroscience Institute, directs her research towards Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Despite being less prevalent in Sub-Saharan African populations compared to other regions, ALS’s true extent in Africa remains largely unknown due to limited healthcare access and under-diagnosis. Dr. Nel emphasizes the urgency of inclusive research, expanding access to clinical trials for ALS patients in Africa, contributing to equitable participation in emerging therapeutic trials.

Associate Professor Esmita Charani, a trained clinical pharmacist and researcher at the Wellcome Centre for Infectious Diseases Research in Africa, focuses on the sociocultural aspects of antibiotic use, addressing antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Her research explores the impact of power dynamics, hierarchies, and healthcare-seeking behaviors on antibiotic use in hospital settings across diverse cultural contexts. Charani stresses the global concern of AMR, emphasizing the need for a broad and long-term vision with networks of excellence and global research collaborations.

Both researchers emphasize the ethical importance of community engagement in genomic research, ensuring informed consent processes that respect autonomy, privacy, and address language barriers. They highlight the need for diversity and inclusion in genomics research, particularly in African populations, stressing the importance of African leadership in advancing accessible and affordable genomic medicine.

Dr. Nel envisions the investment in her Neurogenomics Lab contributing to tangible improvements in clinical care for ALS patients in Africa, coupled with training postgraduate students in genomics and bioinformatics.

Associate Professor Charani’s research in antibiotic use aims to provide insights into the complexities surrounding sociocultural expectations, fostering understanding and tailored solutions across diverse populations and contexts. She envisions her work leading to the design, implementation, and measurement of effective solutions, benefiting specific populations and informing healthcare services globally.

The collective impact of Dr. Nel and Associate Professor Charani’s pioneering research efforts promises to address crucial healthcare inequalities, leaving an enduring mark on medical knowledge and improving healthcare access, not only in Africa but globally.

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