NewsGovernment of Canada invests $86 million to speed certification of health professionals

Government of Canada invests $86 million to speed certification of health professionals


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In response to widespread labor shortages across Canada and growing demand for qualified workers, the Government of Canada has committed $86 million to accelerate the certification of Internationally Educated Health Professionals (IEHPs). Randy Boissonnault, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Official Languages, announced the funding program, which allocates resources to 15 organizations across the country. The primary goal is to increase the recognition of international qualifications for approximately 6,600 health professionals and address the challenges Canadians face in accessing timely health care services.

This significant investment is intended to streamline the IEHP accreditation process, reducing long waiting times and difficulties in finding a family doctor. This funding will support initiatives to break down barriers to foreign credential recognition, streamline the recognition process, and enhance IEHP access to field practice. In addition, these programs will provide IEHPs with relevant Canadian work experience and provide comprehensive support services such as child care, transportation assistance, guidance and guidance.

These 15 funded projects will not only accelerate the recognition of credentials but also facilitate labor mobility between jurisdictions within Canada. This strategic initiative aims to reduce systemic and administrative barriers for health professionals and develop a more flexible and responsive health workforce.

This initiative builds on commitments made by the Government of Canada in partnership with provinces and territories during the October 2023 meeting of health ministers. The commitment involves specific actions to address workforce challenges, with a particular focus on reducing the time required for IEHPs to be integrated into the health workforce. The allocated funds will directly impact critical occupations including nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, laboratory technicians and respiratory therapy.

The Foreign Credentials Recognition Program promotes this initiative and works with provinces, territories, regulators and other organizations. The goal is to fund projects that support a faster, more efficient credential recognition system that promotes Canada’s economic growth, creates quality jobs and develops a sustainable health workforce.

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