NewsPureHealth acquires UK's largest hospital operator, reaches milestone

PureHealth acquires UK’s largest hospital operator, reaches milestone


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In a ground-breaking move, PureHealth, the Middle East’s largest healthcare platform, has successfully completed its strategic acquisition of Circle Health Group, the UK’s largest independent hospital operator. This achievement marks an important milestone in PureHealth’s global expansion strategy and underscores its commitment to becoming an international leader in healthcare. The transaction’s swift regulatory approval underscores PureHealth’s operational excellence and dedication to global growth.

The completion of this acquisition is consistent with PureHealth’s vision to promote well-being and enhance healthcare delivery globally. PureHealth is aligned with the UAE leadership’s vision to improve patient experience, adopt advanced clinical practices and advance the science of longevity. Entering the UK healthcare market signals the company’s commitment to freeing up time for humanity and shaping the future of healthcare globally.

Hamad Al Hammadi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of PureHealth, expressed his satisfaction, saying: “We are delighted to have completed the acquisition of Circle in record time. This extraordinary achievement reflects PureHealth’s operational excellence and strategic adaptability in expanding its international reach. sex.”

Farhan Malik, founder and managing director of PureHealth, highlighted the strategic leap the acquisition represents. “This acquisition is more than just an expansion; it is an important step in building PureHealth into a global healthcare platform,” he said.

The acquisition, valued at approximately $1.2 billion before debt, positions PureHealth at the forefront of international healthcare innovation and service delivery. This significant investment demonstrates PureHealth’s commitment to shaping the future of healthcare globally.

Building on this momentum, PureHealth has an ambitious expansion strategy for 2024. This vision includes not only making acquisitions in local markets, but also building a global healthcare platform and solidifying its position as a leader in the healthcare industry.

As PureHealth expands globally, the company remains committed to delivering unparalleled healthcare experiences through innovation, technology-driven solutions and collaborative efforts. The transaction not only enhances PureHealth’s services and international reach, but also solidifies the company’s position as a global healthcare leader committed to improving lives and cultivating healthier communities around the world. This successful acquisition takes PureHealth from Abu Dhabi to the world.

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