NewsSoutheast Health and Health Carousel Forge Successful Partnership

Southeast Health and Health Carousel Forge Successful Partnership


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In response to a pressing nursing shortage in 2018, Southeast Health joined forces with Health Carousel, a prominent healthcare staffing solutions provider. Recognizing the inadequacy of existing recruitment strategies in terms of cost and efficiency, Southeast Health sought a solution to address the critical staffing gaps affecting essential positions and specialized roles.

Through a strategic collaboration with Health Carousel, Southeast Health implemented a tailored staffing solution and established a successful international nursing program. Melissa Owens, RN, MSN, CNO, and VP of Patient Care Services at Southeast Health emphasized the significance of the partnership in achieving their mission of community wellness.

“Our mission is focused on ensuring the wellness of our communities and the people that we serve. Health Carousel took the time to get to know our facility and what we needed. Partnering with them, understanding that they are aligned with us in our mission, was significant for our ability to be successful,” said Owens.

The international nursing program, featuring long-term assignments, not only provided Southeast Health with stability and diversity but also fostered a sense of community integration. This initiative reflects the hospital’s commitment to making staff members feel like part of the family.

Donita Ross, MSN, RN, NE-BC, CGNC, ACNO, and VP of Health Carousel International, highlighted the shared values and dedication to compassionate healthcare. “Healthcare is not just a service; it’s a fundamental expression of compassion. We are extremely proud to partner with Southeast Health and share their inclusive and empowering culture with our nurses. Their dedication to their patients and all their staff highlights how each individual plays a vital role in improving the lives of our community members.”

Building upon the initial success of their collaboration, Southeast Health expanded their staffing solutions to include a managed workforce program, integrating domestic nurses and innovative staffing technology. Powered by a healthcare-specific Vendor Management System (VMS), the institution now enjoys real-time access to critical information such as candidate pipelines and cost-benefit ratios.

This comprehensive initiative has provided Southeast Health with greater control over its operating budget and a streamlined staffing process. The partnership with Health Carousel has enabled Southeast to expand its international nursing team to 120, complemented by the strategic inclusion of domestic nurses to address immediate needs. As a result, Southeast Health has achieved an impressive 11% reduction in contingent labor costs.

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