NewsNiagara Health Reflects on Achievements and Outlines Vision for 2024

Niagara Health Reflects on Achievements and Outlines Vision for 2024


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As the year draws to a close and a new one unfolds, Niagara Health takes pride in the progress made in 2023 and anticipates exciting developments in the year ahead.

The exceptional commitment of Niagara Health teams has driven remarkable progress over the past year, despite the challenges that tested resilience. Staff and physicians consistently surpassed expectations, delivering quality care and working collaboratively toward a shared vision for the future of healthcare in Niagara.

A significant milestone was reached in July when ground was broken for the new South Niagara Hospital, marking a decade-long journey towards transforming the healthcare landscape in Niagara Falls. Construction will continue in 2024, as plans for the future of hospital care across Niagara take shape, with ongoing community engagement events to update and involve residents in the process.

In 2023, Niagara Health achieved exemplary standing from Accreditation Canada for the sixth consecutive time, showcasing the dedication of the entire healthcare community. Despite unprecedented human resources shortages, the surveyors commended the passionate and engaged staff, the culture of caring, and the patient-centered approach that prevailed during challenging times.

The persistent staffing shortage remains a key concern, prompting ongoing discussions in boardrooms and break rooms on strategies to attract and retain top talent. A people-first approach guides these efforts, with a call to staff and physicians to contribute to making Niagara Health an employer of choice. While progress was made with the hiring of 902 new employees in 2023, the commitment to finding solutions involves building and strengthening partnerships with various stakeholders, including the province, local officials, community healthcare providers, and academic partners.

The transformative journey of Niagara Health extends beyond physical structures, emphasizing how care is delivered and prioritizing people. Efforts to promote work-life balance, foster inclusivity, and strengthen a patient-centered culture have yielded positive results over the past year.

Looking ahead, one of the highlights will be the launch of a new and modern clinical information system in the fall, a substantial investment aimed at better managing healthcare data and patient care information. This system is expected to enhance the safety, quality, and consistency of patient care throughout the community, showcasing Niagara Health’s commitment to the future, recruitment and retention of top-quality healthcare professionals, and the improvement of patient care and experiences.

With optimism, Niagara Health remains steadfast in facing challenges and seizing opportunities, maintaining a focus on putting people first—both patients and teams—to continually enhance how they work and deliver safe, high-quality care to all.

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