NewsRegional Victorians get more housing and mental health care

Regional Victorians get more housing and mental health care


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In a significant initiative aimed at supporting Victorians grappling with mental health challenges in north-eastern Victoria, the Allan Labor Government has inaugurated a newly completed $10 million housing development in Mooroopna. Minister for Housing Harriet Shing recently visited the 36-home development, a collaborative effort between the Labor Government, Haven Foundation, and Mind Australia, designed to provide secure housing and essential support services.

The housing units will be allocated to individuals in need, particularly those on the Victorian Housing Register with substantial mental health concerns. This initiative aims to offer long-term accommodation, care, and support services to enhance the well-being of the residents.

The development, fostering a village atmosphere, incorporates communal facilities for residents to come together, complemented by private dwellings that allow individuals to create a personalized home environment. The first stage of the project, comprising 16 homes, was completed in 2021, while the second stage, featuring 20 homes, concluded recently, with tenants moving into their new residences. The prefabricated homes were constructed by local builder Neatline Homes, a family-run business based in Shepparton, contributing to local job creation.

This initiative is part of the broader Big Housing Build project, reflecting the Labor Government’s substantial investment to meet the escalating demand for social and affordable housing options across Victoria. Since its inception in November 2020, the Big Housing Build has seen an investment exceeding $1 billion in regional Victoria, with over 3,000 homes either completed or under construction.

In regional Victoria, a comprehensive investment of at least $1.25 billion is being directed to ensure the benefits of the Big Housing Build are distributed widely. Notable large-scale developments include the delivery of 180 homes in Ballarat and 120 dwellings in Bendigo.

Minister for Housing Harriet Shing expressed the government’s commitment to addressing the demand for social and affordable housing in regional Victoria, emphasizing the significant impact on providing stable housing options and creating employment opportunities across the state. Minister for Mental Health Ingrid Stitt underscored the importance of a safe and welcoming home and local community for individuals facing mental health challenges, praising the Mooroopna development for its crucial contribution to the region.

Member for Northern Victoria Jaclyn Symes echoed the sentiments, highlighting the much-needed housing development as a positive step towards providing safety and a sense of belonging to the people of Mooroopna and Shepparton.

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