NewsMater invests in Bundaberg's healthcare future

Mater invests in Bundaberg’s healthcare future


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Mater Private Hospital Bundaberg is set to receive a significant boost with an investment exceeding $4 million in a cutting-edge chiller plant. The initiative aims to maintain optimal operating conditions for both surgeons and patients, underlining Mater’s unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare to the Bundaberg community.

Catherine Hackney, the General Manager, emphasized that this substantial investment reflects Mater’s dedication to providing top-notch healthcare services. She stated, “We’ve been caring for the people of the Wide Bay region since the hospital first opened in 1946. This new infrastructure means we can continue to deliver the best quality care to our patients across all of our services from orthopaedics to geriatrics and beyond.”

The chiller plant, slated to be operational in the first half of 2024, signifies Mater’s commitment to maintaining reliable and contemporary services for the community.

Engineering Services Manager Leo Mulkearns shed light on the technical aspects of the project, explaining that the new chiller plant would replace the existing chilled water plant constructed in the 1980s. Mulkearns highlighted the incorporation of up-to-date technology with 100% redundancy, ensuring that, upon completion, there will be two plants on site.

Mr. Mulkearns emphasized that the new chilled water plant plays a crucial role in securing the “backbone” of the hospital’s infrastructure, ensuring a robust and reliable foundation for the hospital’s operations. This investment aligns with Mater Private Hospital Bundaberg’s commitment to advancing healthcare infrastructure for the benefit of patients and the broader community.

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