NewsSimplify your healthcare management with myDH

Simplify your healthcare management with myDH


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In a technological era where convenience is paramount, managing healthcare information and appointments has become remarkably streamlined, thanks to the widely embraced patient portal, myDH, offered by Dartmouth Health.

Initiated in 2001 to transition medical records to an online platform, myDH has evolved into an advanced healthcare tool, catering to the needs of approximately half a million Dartmouth Health patients. Accessible anytime, anywhere, whether through a laptop or mobile device, the portal has become an integral part of patients’ healthcare management.

The myDH portal provides numerous advantages, allowing users to circumvent lengthy phone wait times by effortlessly requesting, canceling, or rescheduling appointments. Additionally, it facilitates seamless communication with healthcare teams, enables participation in virtual appointments, prescription renewals, completion of appointment questionnaires, billing management, insurance updates, and provides quick access to COVID-19 vaccination statuses and test results, along with other essential medical information.

Recent enhancements to the portal further elevate its utility, introducing pre-check-in capabilities, reminder alerts, and an expanded Fast Pass feature. Fast Pass notifies users automatically when earlier appointments become available, catering to those on a waitlist.

A forthcoming addition to the Dartmouth Health locations is the Hello Patient mobile app. This app promises expedited check-ins using a mobile phone upon arrival at hospitals or clinics, offering an additional layer of convenience for users.

For parents, myDH simplifies the management of their children’s healthcare. Parents can effortlessly schedule their children’s appointments, seek answers to healthcare queries, and ensure timely fulfillment of medical records requests. Notably, the recent expansion of the ability to view office notes for adolescents to parents and legal guardians further streamlines the healthcare management process.

The multifaceted capabilities of the myDH portal and app contribute significantly to an enhanced patient experience. Emerging research underscores the positive impact of patient portals, indicating improvements in the doctor-patient relationship, heightened patient health awareness, and increased adherence to therapy. As Dartmouth Health continues to innovate, myDH stands as a testament to the commitment to providing accessible and efficient healthcare solutions for its growing patient community.

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