NewsFlorida Blue CEO Urges Industry Leaders to Transform Healthcare

Florida Blue CEO Urges Industry Leaders to Transform Healthcare


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Pat Geraghty, President and CEO of Florida Blue, delivered a compelling call-to-action at the inaugural Florida State University Business of Healthcare Summit, urging leaders within the state and the healthcare sector to unite for a transformative change in the delivery of healthcare services to all Floridians.

Speaking to a diverse audience of over 200 representatives from business, academia, non-profits, and healthcare, Geraghty highlighted the exorbitant cost of healthcare in the United States and emphasized the need for a collective commitment to address the existing disparities in quality of care.

Acknowledging the varied positions within the healthcare equation, Geraghty challenged industry members to envision a system that ensures the right care is delivered in the right setting at the right time, all in an affordable manner.

As the keynote speaker, Geraghty’s remarks resonated with attendees, who represented a spectrum of sectors at the forefront of the industry. The summit, sponsored by Florida Blue, aligns with Florida State University’s increasing focus on healthcare in academic programs, research, and investment.

FSU President Richard McCullough shared the university’s ambitious plans, including $125 million in funding from the Florida Legislature for an academic health center in partnership with Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare. The center will serve as a cornerstone for FSU Health, a comprehensive initiative aiming to reshape healthcare delivery in North Florida.

Stacey Patterson, FSU’s vice president for research, emphasized the importance of effective partnerships to have a measurable impact on “health span” and healthcare access in Florida. She called for cohesive teams and expanded research capacity to address pressing healthcare challenges.

The summit, hosted by Michael Hartline, dean of the FSU College of Business, showcased the university’s commitment to healthcare through new programs such as an MBA specialization in health care management and advanced degrees in nursing.

Expert panels, featuring FSU alumni and representatives from various industries, addressed urgent topics including pediatric and elderly care, organizational costs, staffing shortages, and the impact of artificial intelligence on healthcare.

Geraghty touched on critical issues such as the need for increased cost-effectiveness, convenient service delivery, and the promising role of artificial intelligence in expediting patient coverage. He emphasized the importance of innovation, urging minds in the industry to challenge existing norms.

Hartline concluded the summit with a commitment to future events, emphasizing the necessity of ongoing discussions to address the evolving landscape of the business of healthcare.

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