NewsMount Alvernia Hospital to Accelerate Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Mount Alvernia Hospital to Accelerate Digital Transformation in Healthcare


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Mount Alvernia Hospital has forged a strategic partnership with OutSystems, a global leader in high-performance low-code application development, to propel its digitalization initiatives in the wake of the pandemic. The collaboration has resulted in the creation of 12 applications, designed to deliver exceptional user experiences for both internal staff and visitors. This partnership aims to advance the hospital’s mission of providing comprehensive healthcare through the development of agile solutions, overcoming impediments in their conventional code development process.

The IT team at Mount Alvernia selected OutSystems for its robust capabilities. Noteworthy achievements include the development of applications such as:

Staff Health System: Initially created for COVID-19 contact tracing, the system now encompasses features like tracking staff vaccination status and appointment booking.

Doctors Directory: Visitors can conveniently locate doctors’ clinic locations through this application.

Medical Records Tracking: Departments can request and track paper-based medical records efficiently.

Electronic Meal Ordering: Allowing patients and their next-of-kin to order in-patient meals, with dietary restrictions taken into account.

Mount Alvernia Hospital’s commitment to delivering compassionate and holistic healthcare has driven the integration of technology into its operations. The newly developed applications have streamlined internal workflows, providing enhanced value to both patients and visitors. Notably, the Staff Health System application has been submitted for an international award at the Infection Control Association Singapore (ICAS) Congress, showcasing its impact.

“In the healthcare sector, being agile is key to tackling the rapidly evolving environment. Our partnership with OutSystems has proven instrumental in reducing development cycles and enhancing our speed-to-market capabilities, which is crucial as the fast-paced industry could demand that we develop a new app within one to two weeks,” said Bruce Leong, Director, Technology and Strategy, Mount Alvernia Hospital. “We look forward to future collaboration with OutSystems to enhance patient experience and workflows, and stay prepared and agile to meet demands of a rapidly changing future.”

Faced with challenges in delivering solutions swiftly, the hospital aims to bridge the talent shortage for tech talent. OutSystems’ low-code platform offers numerous plugins, significantly reducing development time and enhancing efficiency. Mount Alvernia Hospital’s developers saved approximately half the time required compared to traditional development platforms, boosting team morale.

Mark Weaser, Vice President of Asia Pacific at OutSystems, expressed, “Navigating the talent gap has proven to be a critical challenge for many organizations involved in application development, especially with the scarcity of skilled developers. With our expertise in high-performance low-code, we are honored to support Mount Alvernia Hospital’s journey in leading digitalization within the healthcare sector.”

Currently, Mount Alvernia Hospital is developing the Alvernia Connect Application, aiming to automate manual processes, allowing patients to fill paperwork digitally, check insurance claims, and more from their mobile phones. The first module is expected to be released in Q1 of 2024.

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