NewsSurrey Hospital to Reopen Intensive Care Units Following Critical Power Incident

Surrey Hospital to Reopen Intensive Care Units Following Critical Power Incident


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Redhill’s East Surrey Hospital is set to reopen its intensive care units on Wednesday after a critical incident was declared due to a power cut on Monday. Dr. Ed Cetti, Chief Medical Director for Surrey and Sussex Healthcare Trust, confirmed the stand-down of the critical incident and expressed gratitude for the public’s support during the efforts to restore functionality to the affected units.

Throughout the incident, essential services remained operational, according to Dr. Cetti. Urgent work to address the issues persisted on Tuesday, with the NHS trust overseeing East Surrey Hospital assuring the public that the facility remained open. A spokesperson emphasized the dedication of the hospital staff, acknowledging their exceptional efforts to provide care for those in need.

Dr. Cetti thanked the public for their patience and support, emphasizing that engineers were actively working to resolve power issues in the intensive care and high dependency units. The intention is to fully reopen both units on the following day. In the interim, the hospital will continue caring for affected patients in alternative areas of the facility.

The spokesperson for Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust reassured the public that patients from the evacuated units had been safely relocated on Monday, with families duly informed of the situation. The hospital remains committed to resolving the issues promptly and ensuring the ongoing care and safety of its patients.

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