News1B investment boosts Queensland women's health

1B investment boosts Queensland women’s health


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The Miles Labor Government has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative aimed at improving the healthcare experience for women across Queensland. The Queensland Women and Girls’ Health Strategy 2032, supported by a substantial $1 billion investment over the next five years, has been released following an extensive development process since November 2022.

Shaped by an unprecedented engagement effort that garnered nearly 12,000 contributions, the Strategy stands as the largest response to any government survey in Queensland’s history. The wealth of input from the community has played a pivotal role in determining the focus and delivery of this significant financial commitment.

The consultation process brought attention to critical health issues facing women and girls in the region, emphasizing mental health and wellbeing, chronic conditions such as endometriosis and pelvic pain, maternity care, and sexual and reproductive health.

As a response to the identified needs, the Miles Government is allocating $250 million to implement 34 new initiatives addressing existing health inequities and providing enhanced gender and trauma-informed care. Mental health emerged as a top concern, prompting a $26.95 million investment in additional social workers for mental health support and counseling. This complements the recent $18 million allocation for expanding virtual and telephone mental health services tailored to women’s needs.

The Strategy extends its reach to women and girls in regional, rural, and remote areas, with a particular highlight being the allocation of $10.2 million for a free walk-in women’s health hub in the Far North. Additionally, $46 million will be dedicated to establishing four new walk-in clinics across Queensland, offering free, nurse-led care closer to home.

A notable emphasis of the Strategy is addressing the perceived dismissal and misdiagnosis of women and girls by the health system. Direct measures will be taken to rectify these concerns, aligning with insights from the Australian Women and Girls’ Health Research Centre at the University of Queensland.

The Queensland Women and Girls’ Health Strategy 2032 underscores the need for accessible and timely healthcare interventions, aspiring to empower women to overcome significant obstacles hindering their health potential.

Premier Steven Miles expressed gratitude to the over 2.6 million women and girls in Queensland for their invaluable contributions, highlighting the Strategy’s commitment to providing tailored healthcare solutions across the state. He emphasized the government’s dedication to ensuring the right to safe, quality care for all.

Minister for Health, Mental Health and Ambulance Services, and Minister for Women, Shannon Fentiman, celebrated the historic day for women and girls in Queensland. She acknowledged the brave stories shared, recognizing the persistent issues within the healthcare system and the need for targeted initiatives. Fentiman emphasized the investment in mental health services and the Strategy’s commitment to dismantling barriers faced by women in various demographics, ultimately striving for a universally healthy and inclusive society.

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