NewsCiti in Ukraine helps UNICEF provide vital health services to children in...

Citi in Ukraine helps UNICEF provide vital health services to children in Ukraine


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In a joint effort to address the healthcare needs of children and mothers affected by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Citi has collaborated with UNICEF, donating $1.1 million to support crucial initiatives.

Since December 2023, Citi’s partnership with UNICEF has aimed to enhance healthcare services for infants and mothers, with a specific focus on routine vaccinations. The 18-month initiative, bolstered by Citi’s generous contribution, targets vulnerable communities, particularly those in hard-to-reach frontline locations.

Alexander McWhorter, Citi Ukraine’s Country Officer, emphasized the urgency of immediate medical assistance for civilians in the face of the two-year conflict, highlighting the vulnerability of children, especially those in remote or frontline areas. McWhorter expressed pride in contributing to UNICEF’s efforts, anticipating a significant improvement in the lives of children in need.

UNICEF Representative to Ukraine, Munir Mammadzade, acknowledged the challenges posed by the war but emphasized UNICEF’s unwavering commitment to prioritizing children’s early development and access to healthcare services. Mammadzade expressed gratitude for Citi’s shared support in achieving these critical goals.

The collaboration between Citi and UNICEF extends beyond healthcare, as the partners are dedicated to supporting affected communities in Ukraine since the conflict escalated in February 2022. Citi, along with the Citi Foundation, has donated over $4.5 million for various humanitarian efforts, including school rehabilitation, legal and psychosocial counseling for women, and assistance for Ukrainian refugees seeking safe shelters abroad.

Citi Ukraine, a branch of Citigroup, has been a part of Ukraine for over 25 years, contributing to the country’s economic potential by serving a diverse clientele. With expertise in cash management, trading services, corporate finance, and more, Citi Ukraine remains committed to supporting around 500 clients, ranging from the public sector to multinational and Ukrainian companies, mid-sized clientele, and foreign investors interested in the Ukrainian market.

UNICEF operates globally, working in 190 countries and territories to reach vulnerable children and young people in need. In Ukraine, UNICEF focuses on five main outcomes for children, including child protection, promoting a healthy early life, ensuring education for all children, fostering social inclusion, and advocating for state policies benefiting children, alongside sustainable water and environmental initiatives.

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