NewsMedAdvisor Enhances Patient Experience Through Conversational AI Partnership

MedAdvisor Enhances Patient Experience Through Conversational AI Partnership


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ASX-listed medication management platform, MedAdvisor, is set to revolutionize patient engagement by incorporating conversational AI into its services. In a recent collaboration with the United States-based Brand Engagement Network (BEN), MedAdvisor aims to leverage AI assistants to provide a personalized and interactive experience for pharmacy patients. By combining BEN’s conversational AI capabilities with MedAdvisor’s insights into pharmacy patient engagement, the upcoming Medication Advisor platform promises round-the-clock support, tailored communications, and accurate medication education for patients.

The integration of BEN’s AI into MedAdvisor’s platform signifies a significant step forward in enhancing patient care. The partnership seeks to elevate the patient experience by offering personalized support and addressing unique preferences and needs. The Medication Advisor platform is poised to become a valuable resource for patients seeking reliable information about their medications while ensuring accessibility at any time.

In another development in the healthcare sector, health informatics company PenCS has unveiled its latest digital health intelligence platform, Practice Cloud, designed specifically for primary care. The cloud-based platform enables practices to access data insights securely, optimizing efficiency and helping them adapt to evolving practice requirements and technological advancements in Australian healthcare.

Practice Cloud encompasses a range of Quality Improvement (QI) Programs, including modules such as Health Calendar, Chronic Disease Management Success, and Financial. These modules aim to enhance workforce utilization, improve billing opportunities, streamline patient management, and facilitate the timely identification and recall of chronic disease patients. Additionally, Practice Cloud provides access to a MyMedicare management program, a risk stratification tool, and support for continuing professional development (CPD) requirements.

In the realm of electronic medical records (EMR) systems, InterSystems introduces a groundbreaking navigation tool named TrakCare Assistant. This tool, integrated into the TrakCare EMR system, features a search-based function designed to surface relevant patient information from medical records. By allowing users to enter text queries, TrakCare Assistant streamlines the interaction with the EMR, reducing the time spent on manual tasks and enhancing the overall user experience.

Dr. Rami Riman, Director of Clinical and Business Improvements for InterSystems, emphasizes the potential cumulative time savings and improved user satisfaction offered by TrakCare Assistant. The tool’s ability to learn user patterns over time contributes to a more personalized workflow, particularly beneficial in settings such as critical care units. TrakCare Assistant is now live as part of the TrakCare Mobile Enabled User Interface, empowering users to take actions such as reviewing test results and placing orders seamlessly.

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