NewsOver 30% of Chennai Corporation hospitals to receive modern primary healthcare buildings

Over 30% of Chennai Corporation hospitals to receive modern primary healthcare buildings


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The Greater Chennai Corporation is set to embark on a significant initiative to revamp urban primary healthcare services across the city. Plans are underway to construct modern buildings at 46 locations, aimed at improving the overall healthcare infrastructure.

City Health Officer, M. Jagadeesan, highlighted the pressing need for such developments, stating, “At least 46 of the urban primary health centres have been functioning from cramped buildings in the city. We will build new buildings to improve services.”

The Corporation has already initiated the bidding process for the construction of these modern hospitals in various wards, including ward 63 (Langs Garden Road in Pudupet), ward 49 (Solaiappan Street in Sanjeevarayanpet), ward 55 (Amman Koil Street, Seven Wells), ward 50 (Suryanarayana Street in Royapuram), and ward 42 (Tiruvottiyur High Road in Jeeva Nagar).

Currently, approximately 23,000 inpatients seek primary healthcare services from the 140 hospitals operated by the Chennai Corporation. The move to modernize these facilities is expected to significantly enhance healthcare services in several areas.

Despite the positive development, residents have voiced concerns about the pace of project completion. Instances of delays, even after the demolition of old buildings, have been reported in various locations. Deepak, a resident of Pudupet, emphasized the need for swift action, recounting the popularity of the old hospital on Langs Garden Road. He stated, “The residents here have demanded a modern hospital building to improve services. This hospital in Pudupet used to be very famous, with very good doctors. We want services to continue for more residents in the modern building.”

The Chennai Corporation has already taken steps to address immediate healthcare needs by establishing poly clinics at 40 locations. These clinics, including evening sessions, aim to provide accessible healthcare services to the residents.

Looking ahead, the Corporation’s plan includes the construction of new modern hospitals for primary healthcare in additional areas, such as MKB Nagar, Manali, Jalladianpet, and Korukkupet. The holistic approach to upgrading healthcare infrastructure aligns with the city’s commitment to ensuring the well-being of its residents through improved and modernized medical facilities.

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