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Latest Developments in the Health and Care Sector


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Cass Review of Gender Identity Services Submitted

Dr. Hillary Cass has submitted her final report and recommendations to NHS England as the chair of the Independent Review of gender identity services for children and young people. The report aims to ensure that children and young people questioning their gender identity or experiencing gender dysphoria receive high-standard, safe, holistic, and effective care. The report makes several recommendations.

In response to the report’s recommendations, the health service has directed local NHS leaders to pause offering first appointments at adult gender clinics to under 18 year-olds. Additionally, NHS has pledged to expedite its review of adult gender services due to long waiting lists.

Sunak Acknowledges NHS Waiting Lists as Major Shortcoming

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak admitted that persistently high NHS waiting lists constitute his most significant failure. Speaking to LBC, Sunak acknowledged that the current waiting list of 7.6 million for routine treatment and operations is 400,000 higher than January 2023. Despite citing progress before industrial action, Sunak emphasized that “the plan is working,” pointing to recent agreements, including a 19% pay increase for NHS consultants.

NHSE Updates Primary Care Recovery Plan

NHS England (NHSE) released an update to its primary care recovery plan. Among the next steps, approximately 180,000 more people per month will be able to self-refer for additional services such as incontinence, podiatry, or hearing tests without seeing a GP. GP practices will also facilitate online registration for new patients instead of requiring in-person visits to fill out forms.

NHS Confederation Comments on Mental Health Workforce Briefing

The NHS Confederation’s Mental Health Network director, Sean Duggan, commented on a joint briefing with the Centre for Mental Health and Mind. Duggan emphasized the growing demand for mental health services and highlighted workforce shortages as the biggest challenge. Diverse workforce and leadership are crucial for reducing inequalities within the mental health system and improving patient care.

UK COVID-19 Inquiry Resumes Hearings

The COVID-19 inquiry reconvened with a preliminary hearing on the pandemic’s impact on healthcare systems across the UK. Mental health charities have criticized the inquiry’s focus, urging a reconsideration to address the pandemic’s effects on mental health comprehensively.

Government Confirms Scope of Essex Mental Health Inquiry

The Department for Health and Social Care published the terms of reference for the statutory inquiry into deaths of NHS mental health inpatients in Essex. Chaired by Baroness Lampard CBE, the inquiry aims to understand events leading to the deaths and identify learnings to improve patient safety.

Former Secretary Urges Pause on Carers’ Fines

Sir Ian Duncan Smith called on the government to investigate overpayments to carers before imposing fines. He recommended a review to ensure fairness and suggested integrating carer’s allowance into universal credit.

Food Standards Agency Highlights Food Affordability Concerns

The Food Standards Agency reported an increase in concerns about food affordability, with implications for diet and food security. A significant proportion of respondents reported making changes to their eating habits due to affordability issues.

Animal Tranquilizer Found in Cannabis Vapes and Sedatives

Researchers expressed alarm after finding xylazine, a powerful animal tranquilizer, in cannabis vapes and illicit sedatives. Users treating pain, anxiety, and insomnia may have been exposed to the substance, which can cause adverse effects including skin ulcers and overdoses.

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