Kids HealthNew study shows coaching clinically impacts child mental health

New study shows coaching clinically impacts child mental health


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Bend Health, Inc., a leading national provider of pediatric mental health care services, has unveiled the results of a groundbreaking study demonstrating the efficacy of online coaching sessions in alleviating symptoms of anxiety and depression in adolescents. Published in JMIR Formative Research, the research highlights the transformative impact of just two to six virtual one-on-one coaching sessions on the mental health outcomes of participating teens.

The study, conducted with 392 teens aged 6 to 17, focused on participants engaged in virtual behavioral health counseling provided by Bend Health. Key findings include:

Clinically Significant Improvement: More than 95% of adolescents exhibiting symptoms of anxiety and depression demonstrated clinically significant improvement in their mental health after engaging in Bend counseling.

Rapid Impact: Following just two online coaching sessions, a substantial number of teens experienced reliable improvements in their symptoms. This suggests a swift and positive impact, leading to significant changes in mental health symptoms early in the intervention process.

Sustained Benefits: After only six online coaching sessions, stable improvements were observed in the majority of participating teens’ anxiety and depressive symptoms. These benefits endured for at least two consecutive months, emphasizing the lasting positive impact of online tutoring sessions on adolescent mental health.

The study, led by master’s degree or certified mental health coaches, exclusively examined data from participants engaged in virtual behavioral health counseling with Bend for a minimum of three months, excluding therapy or psychiatry. The results suggest that behavioral health coaching can be a powerful and accessible intervention for adolescents grappling with mental health challenges.

Dr. Monika Roots, co-founder and president of Bend Health, expressed enthusiasm about the findings, stating, “These new findings highlight the positive impact coaching can have on millions of children who need mental health support.” Dr. Roots emphasized the significance of early intervention through behavioral health coaching, positioning it as an effective means to prevent more serious mental health issues in the future.

As the incidence of anxiety and depression among adolescents continues to rise, with 5.8 million diagnosed with anxiety disorders and 2.7 million with depression from 2016 to 2020, the study underscores the urgent need for improved access to pediatric mental health services. Bend Health remains committed to providing accessible and effective mental health care services that positively impact the lives of young people.

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