NewsInauguration of WHO Collaborating Centre on Diphtheria in Bavaria

Inauguration of WHO Collaborating Centre on Diphtheria in Bavaria


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The Public Health Institute for the State of Bavaria in Germany will be officially inaugurated as the WHO Collaborating Centre on Diphtheria on May 16, marking a significant milestone in the global effort to combat the disease. This designation will elevate the Institute to serve as a pivotal global reference center, contributing to enhanced understanding, control, and prevention of diphtheria.

The collaboration between WHO and the Institute signifies a partnership aimed at mutual benefit, leveraging unparalleled research, and expertise to address the challenges posed by diphtheria. Dr. Mick Mulders and Dr. Mark Muscat from WHO headquarters and WHO/Europe respectively will confer the designation.

The programme for the inauguration will feature expert presentations covering various aspects of diphtheria, including the role of vaccines in prevention, the global implications of the disease, and novel insights into its epidemiology. Representatives from Austria, India, Japan, and South Africa will provide country-specific perspectives on diphtheria management.

Situated within the Department of Health Microbiology, the Centre for Diphtheria at the Public Health Institute is tasked with diagnosing notifiable infectious diseases in Bavaria. Additionally, it serves as the German national reference laboratory for diphtheria and Lyme disease.

The Centre employs state-of-the-art molecular typing techniques to enhance understanding of diphtheria pathogens, including antibiotic resistance and molecular epidemiology. Its collaboration with WHO will extend to the development of innovative diagnostics and laboratory methods, furthering the global effort to combat diphtheria.

Aligned with the WHO Collaborating Centre for Diphtheria and Streptococcal Infections in the United Kingdom, the newly established Centre in Germany will bolster WHO’s endeavors to combat diphtheria worldwide, reinforcing the importance of international collaboration in public health initiatives.

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