NewsHealthMug and Bold Care Redefining Wellness Industry in India

HealthMug and Bold Care Redefining Wellness Industry in India


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In a notable development within the burgeoning sexual wellness industry in India, HealthMug, a leading e-commerce platform in the well-being sector, has entered into a strategic partnership with Bold Care, a prominent brand specializing in men’s sexual health and wellness. This collaboration aims to reshape the accessibility and convenience of sexual wellness and intimate care products for consumers across the country.

Bold Care, known for its dedication to men’s sexual health through a fusion of nature and science, brings innovative and toxin-free products to the market. The collaboration with HealthMug empowers the brand to offer a comprehensive range of solutions, addressing the evolving needs of consumers in the sexual wellness domain.

Saurav Singh, the Sr. Category Manager of HealthMug, highlighted the rapid growth of the sexual wellness industry in India, projected to reach 2,095 million by 2030. He emphasized the crucial role played by e-commerce platforms in this growth, citing HealthMug’s remarkable category expansion of over 200% compared to the previous year, with a consistent month-over-month growth of 15-18%. Singh expressed excitement about the groundbreaking partnership with Bold Care, anticipating significant growth for both businesses.

Rahul Krishnan, the Co-Founder of Bold Care, shared the brand’s philosophy of addressing men’s sexual wellness needs through a combination of nature and science. He emphasized that Bold Care’s products are crafted with science-backed ingredients, free from harmful chemicals and toxins. Krishnan expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration with HealthMug, an online business partner, foreseeing opportunities to expand their reach to a broader audience. The collaboration aims to explore new marketing strategies, broaden product offerings, and deliver exceptional customer experiences on HealthMug.

As HealthMug and Bold Care prepare to diversify their product offerings, this strategic alliance is poised to significantly contribute to the growth of both businesses. Together, they aim to set new benchmarks in the men’s sexual wellness and intimate care industry, offering consumers innovative solutions with enhanced convenience and reliability.

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