NewsTop Healthcare Issues in North Carolina

Top Healthcare Issues in North Carolina


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For hundreds of thousands of North Carolina residents, the year 2023 marked a significant turning point as the state took a monumental step forward by expanding Medicaid, providing access to healthcare that had been elusive for more than a decade.

As chronicled by North Carolina Health News throughout the past 12 months, the healthcare landscape witnessed a multitude of developments beyond Medicaid expansion.

Key Highlights:

Cultural Shifts in Healthcare Legislation: The year brought forth cultural clashes reflected in legislative changes impacting abortion access, reproductive healthcare, and the postponement of gender-affirming care for transgender youth. These issues became focal points in the ongoing culture wars influencing political discourse across the state.

Environmental Advocacy: Persistent concerns about forever chemicals and PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) continued to be at the forefront of discussions, highlighting the need for heightened environmental awareness and regulations.

Heat-Related Challenges: The rising specter of extreme heat became a pressing concern, particularly for vulnerable populations, including incarcerated individuals in prisons lacking air conditioning and migrant workers toiling in scorching conditions.

As the healthcare narrative unfolded, readers of NC Health News closely followed these stories, signaling a keen interest in the broader socio-political and environmental factors shaping the healthcare landscape in North Carolina. The year 2023 left an indelible mark on the state’s healthcare trajectory, reflecting both triumphs and challenges that captured the attention of residents throughout the region.

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