NewsHeranova Lifesciences prepares to pioneer innovation in women's healthcare

Heranova Lifesciences prepares to pioneer innovation in women’s healthcare


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Boston-based Heranova Lifesciences, a pioneering women’s healthcare company dedicated to reproductive health, pregnancy and menopause, announced its launch with $13.5 million in seed and seed+ funding. Major participants in this round of financing include Emerging Technology Partners, Pivotal bioVenture Partners China, Sinovation Ventures and Triwise Capital.

company’s product:

With operations around the world and extending into China, Heranova Lifesciences specializes in providing tailored diagnostic tests and treatments for all aspects of women’s health. The company’s products include:

Endometriosis Solutions: Diagnostic and upcoming non-invasive tests for endometriosis.

Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment: A non-antibiotic vaginal bacteria treatment for bacterial vaginosis.

Fertility Solutions: Genetic testing, endometrial receptivity testing and microbiome triple testing for female fertility.

Fund usage:

The new funding will help launch multiple non-invasive endometriosis tests. In addition, Heranova Lifesciences aims to advance two treatment programs for bacterial vaginosis and endometriosis.

strategic focus:

Dr. Farideh Bischoff, Chief Diagnostic Medical Officer at Heranova, emphasized the importance of convenient and reliable diagnostic testing in managing women’s disease. The diagnostic products of the company’s R&D team have been recognized by the world’s leading key opinion leaders (KOL). Dr. Bischoff emphasized the potential of these diagnostics to significantly shorten the time from disease onset to diagnosis and subsequent treatment. In addition, the company is actively developing non-hormonal treatment options for endometriosis to provide comprehensive solutions.

market Overview:

Although women’s health technology accounts for only a small portion of overall digital health funding, it continues to attract significant investment. Companies to watch in this space include Maven Clinic ($90 million in Series E funding) and Diana Health ($34 million in Series B funding). The industry’s potential for innovation and growth remains strong, with investors recognizing the importance of advancements in women’s healthcare.

As Heranova Lifesciences moves to the forefront of women’s health innovation, this capital infusion enables the company to make significant advances in diagnostic tests, treatments and solutions to key aspects of women’s health worldwide.

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