NewsPHL Group Commences Custody Healthcare Services in Guernsey

PHL Group Commences Custody Healthcare Services in Guernsey


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Guernsey welcomes a new custody healthcare provider, PHL Group, which commenced its services in collaboration with Bailiwick Law Enforcement following a successful tender process last year.

Local Recruitment and Expertise:

PHL Group has locally recruited staff to deliver the custody healthcare service in Guernsey, emphasizing their commitment to community engagement. Officials highlight that the majority of the workforce is from Guernsey, with only one individual employed from the UK.

Experience and Service Delivery:

PHL Group is an established provider of custody healthcare services, currently operating in the City of London, Hampshire, and the Isle of Wight. The company’s experience in delivering healthcare within custodial settings positions them as a valuable partner for the Bailiwick Law Enforcement in Guernsey.

Importance of Health and Safeguarding:

Ruari Hardy, Head of Law Enforcement, emphasized the crucial role of health and safeguarding in the community, particularly for individuals in detention. He expressed gratitude for the opportunity to leverage PHL Group’s experience, citing their successful track record working within custody settings in various UK forces.


The initiation of PHL Group’s custody healthcare services in Guernsey reflects a strategic partnership aimed at ensuring the provision of appropriate, timely, and professional healthcare for individuals in detention. Local recruitment and the company’s extensive experience in similar settings are expected to contribute positively to the community’s well-being and safety.

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