NewsFederal Law Change Extends Health Insurance Stability for Children

Federal Law Change Extends Health Insurance Stability for Children


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A recent alteration in federal law is influencing children’s health insurance in Wisconsin, particularly for those enrolled in Badger Care Plus and other Medicaid programs. A notable change allows children under 19 to maintain their insurance coverage for a minimum of 12 months, even if they no longer meet the program’s eligibility criteria.

Objective and Benefits:

State health officials emphasize that the primary goal of this change is to enhance health outcomes for children by providing more stable access to healthcare services. The extended coverage duration is designed to offer families peace of mind, ensuring that children can continue to receive crucial health services such as wellness checks and vaccines to support their overall well-being.

Statement from DHS Secretary-designee Kirsten Johnson:

Kirsten Johnson, the Secretary-designee of the Department of Health Services (DHS), highlighted the positive impact of this modification in a press release. She expressed that the extension of insurance coverage will contribute to the stability of healthcare access for families, ultimately leading to improved health outcomes for children.


The change in federal law regarding children’s health insurance in Wisconsin, allowing extended coverage for at least 12 months, reflects a proactive approach by state health officials to prioritize and enhance the well-being of children. This move aligns with the broader goal of providing consistent and reliable access to essential healthcare services for families enrolled in Medicaid programs.

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