NewsStronger Medicare Awards announced by Prime Minister

Stronger Medicare Awards announced by Prime Minister


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In a joint announcement today, the Prime Minister, alongside Health Minister Mark Butler, revealed the launch of the Stronger Medicare Awards. Commemorating 40 years of the nation’s healthcare cornerstone, these awards are designed to acknowledge and pay tribute to the commendable efforts of individuals contributing to the primary care sector in Australia. This initiative aims to spotlight their crucial role in sustaining and advancing Australia’s healthcare system.

The backbone of our healthcare framework, primary care, extends its reach into communities, linking Australians to specialized medical assistance when required. Whether delivered through general practice, community pharmacies, community health centers, mental health facilities, or allied health services, primary care professionals and their support teams stand as the initial point of contact for Australians seeking general health support.

The Stronger Medicare Awards are set to commend the efforts of Medicare Champions – exceptional individuals and practices that consistently deliver outstanding care, embrace innovation, and collaborate to enhance the overall health of our communities.

Further details regarding the nomination process for these prestigious awards are expected to be released shortly.

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