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Healthcare funding request extension granted


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The Special Commission of Inquiry into Healthcare Funding has been given an extension to finalize and submit its report. The new deadline for delivering the report to the Governor and Premier is set for March 26, 2025.

Having commenced in September 2023, the Inquiry has garnered approximately 250 submissions from a diverse range of sources, including government agencies, unions, healthcare organizations, individuals, and professionals. The first series of public hearings kicked off in November 2023, featuring representatives from NSW Health, notably including Dr. Kerry Chant AO PSM. A subsequent set of public hearings is currently in progress.

The submissions and public hearings have provided valuable insights into various critical aspects, such as:

1. The existing funding structures for health services in NSW.

2. The correlation between funding arrangements and the quality and accessibility of healthcare.

3. Diverse models of service delivery.

4. The firsthand experiences of patients, healthcare workers, and other stakeholders.

In response to the evolving nature of the Inquiry, the Letters Patent have been amended, extending the reporting date. Commissioner Richard Beasley SC also requested further adjustments to the terms of reference, reflecting the dynamic nature of the investigative process.

Expressing gratitude to all contributors, NSW Premier Chris Minns stated, “Thank you to each and every person who has contributed their knowledge, experience, and ideas to the Inquiry.” Minns emphasized the need for an extension to ensure meticulous consideration and thoughtfulness in the Inquiry process.

Minister for Health and Minister for Regional Health Ryan Park commended the Inquiry team for their outstanding work in managing a substantial number of submissions, orchestrating the public hearing process, and assembling an expert panel of leading academics and healthcare professionals. Park highlighted the significance of the ongoing work, aiming to position the healthcare system for success in the years ahead.

Minister Park affirmed, “This is important work that we hope will set our healthcare system up for success for generations to come. The people of NSW deserve high-quality, equitable, and patient-centered care, and we are committed to determining the necessary steps to deliver that care.”

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