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Health and Wellness Marketing’s Spa Revolution


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In 2007, Abi Selby took a bold leap into entrepreneurship, launching her business six weeks after the birth of her first child. Armed with a background in journalism and marketing, she identified an opportunity in the spa industry, aiming to connect individuals with their ideal spa experiences. Over nearly two decades, her company has evolved from a team of two placement students to a workforce of around 70, with an annual turnover exceeding £30 million. Selby’s mission is to make spa experiences more accessible, challenging stereotypes and fostering inclusivity.

Innovation in the Spa Industry:

Abi Selby’s brand is recognized as an innovator in the spa industry, pushing boundaries and redefining norms. The company, based in Brighton, facilitates approximately 16,000 spa experiences weekly through its website, which attracts 1.4 million users each month. Selby emphasizes making spa experiences accessible in terms of vocation, geographical spread, budget, and personalized wellness stages, such as pregnancy, cancer, menopause, and depression.

Changing Perceptions Post-Covid:

The health and wellness sector, including spas, has experienced a perceptual shift post-Covid. Selby acknowledges that the industry, once predictable in terms of trends, faced disruptions due to the pandemic. Emerging trends include increased male participation in spa facilities, viewing spa experiences as positive contributors to mental health. Additionally, the cost of living crisis has led to a shift away from overnight stays, with urban spas gaining popularity in cities like London, Manchester, Liverpool, and Birmingham.

Spas and the NHS:

Abi Selby passionately believes that spas can play a significant role in alleviating the strain on the NHS. She sees spa and wellness practices as integral components of an ongoing, balanced lifestyle. Selby emphasizes the potential of spa treatments to contribute positively to mental health, providing moments of disconnection from technology and a focus on the power of touch. Drawing parallels to doctors recommending gym memberships, Selby advocates for the inclusion of spa treatments in wellness considerations.


Abi Selby’s journey in transforming the spa industry reflects her commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and the integration of wellness practices into daily life. Her vision extends beyond business success, emphasizing the societal benefits of making spa experiences more accessible and recognizing the positive impact on mental health. As the spa and wellness sector evolves, Selby continues to be a driving force in shaping its future.

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