NewsEgyptian Health Minister, UNHCR discuss Palestinian issue, medical sector updates

Egyptian Health Minister, UNHCR discuss Palestinian issue, medical sector updates


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Egyptian Minister of Health and Population Khalid Abdel Ghaffar met with Hanan Hamdan, Representative of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Egypt, to discuss ways of cooperation.

Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, official spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Population, said the meeting covered various cooperation mechanisms on multiple health records and medical services for non-Egyptian expatriates living in Egypt. The aim is to improve their health services, enhance their health security and integrate them into social security programmes, especially health and education programmes.

Abdul Ghaffar said that Egypt hosts a large number of foreigners of different nationalities and provides them with the same necessary services as Egyptian citizens. He stressed that the Ministry of Health will fully meet all their health needs without discrimination through various medical facilities in the provinces.

He added that the meeting also discussed how to support the Ministry of Health in continuing to implement presidential initiatives to improve public health, such as “Billion Health”, a project that provides free services to Egyptians and non-Egyptians living in Egypt.

He added that the ministry’s support for the provision of preventive services to the Egyptian diaspora was discussed, including vaccination programs, disease treatment (malaria, leprosy) and combating hepatitis viruses and endemic diseases.

Abdel Ghaffar noted that the meeting discussed the latest developments in the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population’s provision of services to sick and injured Palestinians from the Gaza Strip, as well as how to support the ministry in expanding the provision of health services to provide care for them. Serve. He also mentioned the support and development of primary health care units serving expatriates in Egypt’s governorates.

Hanan Hamdan, UNHCR Representative in Egypt, said she was keen to provide all possible means of support to improve the health sector and expand services for arrivals in Egypt. She thanked the Minister of Health and Population for his efforts to improve the health sector and enhance the health security of Egypt’s citizens and residents.

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