NewsMajor Healthcare Skills Partnership launched with support from the Commission

Major Healthcare Skills Partnership launched with support from the Commission


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With support from the Commission, healthcare industry stakeholders, including pharmaceutical companies and universities, have established a large-scale skills partnership to strengthen training across Europe in this area, which is vital for EU industry and society to prosper. important.

The health industry is facing a skills shortage, which is expected to intensify as Europe’s aging population leads to growing demand for health products.

The partnership aims to establish a shared model for skills development by pooling knowledge, experience and resources, especially with green and digital transformation in mind. The aim is to engage in upskilling and reskilling programs and to promote learning opportunities and ‘on the job’ training. Specific skills needs that will be addressed include:

1. Adapt to technological advancements

2. Regulatory Compliance

3. Quality Assurance

4. Supply chain, inventory and distribution management

Additionally, the partnership will focus on enhancing skills intelligence in the sector and monitoring new training programs that align with industry skills requirements. It will also contribute to the drafting of a skills strategy for the European health industry.


The Skills Pact is one of the flagship initiatives under the European Skills Agenda. It aims to mobilize resources and inspire concrete actions by all relevant partners to upskill and reskill the workforce in key industrial ecosystems.

To date, Pact has trained more than 2 million workers, updated or developed 15,500 training programmes, and Pact members have invested €160 million in training programmes. This also contributes to the European Year of Skills and the EU’s overall target that by 2030 at least 60% of adults should be in training every year.

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