NewsFatal San Francisco Bus Stop Crash Claims Infant's Life, Driver Arrested

Fatal San Francisco Bus Stop Crash Claims Infant’s Life, Driver Arrested


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In a tragic turn of events, the infant involved in the fatal San Francisco bus stop crash has succumbed to injuries, escalating the death toll to four, officials confirmed.

During the San Francisco Police Commission meeting on Wednesday night, San Francisco Police Chief William Scott somberly announced the passing of the infant from injuries sustained in the crash.

Inquiries made by USA TODAY to the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) and the San Francisco Office of the Medical Examiner for further details are ongoing. SFPD has corroborated the infant’s demise, while the medical examiner has verified the identities of the victims, as reported by KPIX and KTVU.

Identified as 3-month-old Caue, the infant joins his father, 40-year-old Diego Cardoso de Oliveira, his one-year-old brother Joaquim, and his mother, 38-year-old Matilde Moncada Ramos Pinto, in tragic demise. The family was awaiting a bus at the intersection of Ulloa Street and Lenox Way in the West Portal neighborhood when an SUV crashed into the bus stop around noon on Saturday.

In a statement issued via X following the incident, Mayor London Breed expressed profound sorrow, describing the collision as “tragic.” Breed emphasized the immediate focus on supporting the victims and their grieving families.

Driver Arrested

Mary Fong Lau, 78, the driver involved in the crash, was hospitalized alongside the infant and his mother following the collision. On Monday, law enforcement authorities disclosed Lau’s arrest and subsequent booking on suspicion of three counts of felony vehicular manslaughter, felony reckless driving causing bodily injury, and additional traffic infractions.

In a statement provided to USA TODAY, Lau’s attorney, Sam Geller, revealed her release from police custody and medical care. Geller indicated that formal charges have yet to be filed against Lau, stressing ongoing investigations to determine potential wrongdoing or negligence leading to charges.

A statement released by Lau and her family emphasized her full cooperation with investigators and expressed condolences for the tragic loss of life in West Portal. Community members have been offering support by laying flowers at a growing memorial on the accident site, while a vigil was held for the bereaved family on Monday, according to KTVU.

Marta Lindsey of pedestrian safety advocacy group Walk SF underscored the collective grief felt across the city, acknowledging the pervasive sense of vulnerability on city streets. “Our whole city is grieving this, and I think we should be,” Lindsey stated, highlighting the shared concern over street safety and the realization of the potential for such tragedies to impact anyone.

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